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E-ZPass Discount Plans

Some toll facilities offer all E-ZPass customers an automatic discount (no enrollment required). This discount varies depending on the roadway. E-ZPass customers receive the discounted toll rate (if applicable) when they use their transponder on those E-ZPass roadways. To determine if the road you travel is in a state that offers a discount, visit that state's E-ZPass website.

  • Delaware – Frequent User Discounts
    • The Delaware Frequent User Plan requires 30 or more qualifying trips within a 30-day rolling period on Delaware State Route 1 or on U.S. Route 301. The discount (50% off the E-ZPass toll fare) is applied within 5 days after the end of the 30-day period. This plan is for individual accounts only and will automatically be assigned to the transponders on 2-axle vehicles. The 30 trips must be made on the same transponder in order to qualify. The 30 trips are determined by the posting date of the transactions to your account and must be transponder, not license plate, read transactions. The trips on State Route 1 cannot be combined with the trips on U.S. Route 301. The. 30 trips must be completed on one roadway or the other.
    • Commercial E-ZPass users get a 25% discount for trips made by vehicles with 3 or more axles on SR 1.
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